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ROI Example

The Genos EI, ROI Calculator provides an estimate of the likely return on investment from assessing and developing the emotional intelligence of a group. It is based on our published research on the relationship between levels of emotional intelligence and employee performance using advanced statistical techniques to estimate with a high degree of confidence the likely return you’ll receive.

We simply need 5 data items for your employees that you will put through the

E.I. development programme:

Number of Programme Participants

Quarterly absence days

Average Annual Salary

Employee turnover per Year (in the roles of those employees participating)

New Hire Costs (in Months)

You will receive a PDF report of the results you’ll also receive a 12 page document that details the research and statistics underling the values we quote you.

In the example below, there were 50 programme participants, 0.9 absence days, £55,000 annual salary (including bonus), 12 employee turnover and 3.5 months new hire costs 



ROI_Report (003).jpg
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