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Emotional Culture Index


We all experience a wide range of feelings at work. These influence our decisions, behaviour and performance and at a collective level, emotions impact the bottom line.

In high performing organisations people experience more pleasant emotions and less unpleasant emotions than those in low performing organisations as shown in the diagram below. When you know how your people are feeling you can better plan where to focus your energy to optimise engagement, productivity, retention and resilience.


HPWs = High Performing Workplaces 

LPWs = Low Performing Workplaces

Boedker, C. et al. (2011). Leadership, culture and management practices of high performing workplaces in Australia: The high performance workplace index.


 Check the pulse of your organisation or team with the Emotional Culture Index. This tool measures current, expected and ideal emotions at work to help identify areas of focus in developing teams and culture. Quick, easy to use and customisable to your organisation.

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