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Lead with Authenticity and Inspire Performance.

3 Reports Avaliable


Be a Positive Influence, Improve Team Dynamics, Morale and Results

3 Reports Available

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EI Assessment Reports

We're proud to partner with Genos International, the leading provider of behaviour-based, emotional intelligence assessments and leadership programmes. The Genos model comprises a set of six emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour competencies. Competencies represent skills and behaviours, based on underlying abilities and experiences, that are measurable and observable. Within each competency, there are seven demonstrated behaviours. Your report uses the best feedback available: the people you work with. Your 'raters' can be your manager, direct reports, peers and other colleagues.

Interpretation of your results is engaging and readily accessible with our clear, easy to understand reports.​

For workplace and leader reports, you have a 90-minute one-to-one video or in-person debrief with our certified Genos practitioner. 

Benchmarked, raw and gap scores for the six competencies and forty-two behaviours, measured to help leaders, managers and staff quickly interpret and act on their results.


Raters provide free-text responses for each competency assessed. These are captured in the Feedback Report and help leaders understand the context behind rater responses to assessment questions.


The ‘traffic light’ methodology helps you quickly identify gaps between how important and how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours.

Our EI portfolio aligns with our commitment to bringing action-orientated, measurable results for our clients.

For those who have completed an assessment, we have 3 Leadership Workshops available to specific focus on developing skills for Leadership. See our Workshop Training Days here.


HR Business Partners

E.I. Improves Engagement and Productivity

E.I. Assessments for the Hiring Process

Sales and Customer Service

Boost your numbers, Improve Customer Relationships

3 Reports Available

Self Reports

Your perceived emotional intelligence and how important you think it is

Emotional Culture Index

Valuable Insights into your organisation's Engagement, Motivation, Resilience and Development areas

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