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Commercial Consultancy

Build strategy, grow business, execute with confidence.


If you are looking for help with strategy and sales development, you're at the right place. Get in touch, we can talk about your requirements and see how we can help.

Emotional Intelligence ROI

Boosting the EI of your organisation has net positive effects. Remember, improving EI is not all about being a nice person, it has measurable top-line performance and productivity improvements.

Emotional Culture Index Survey

Our customisable tool is the perfect starting point for baselining the EI pulse of your organisation. If you choose to complete our assessment programmes, take another reading to see the improvements. This free survey is also great for understanding the EI impact of major organisational change - vital for planning post Covid-19 changes.

The E.I. Experience

Book this 60 min interactive presentation to experience first-hand the impact that E.I. has at work. You'll assess the impact that a 'Good Boss/Bad Boss' has and how we bring EI to life where you work.

We hold this event each Friday at 4pm.

Comedian on Stage
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